Tools for Builders: Crafting User Experiences for Technical Practitioners

Developers and operators are the beating heart of software creation and delivery. To be effective, productive, and happy, they need tools that reflect how they think and work. User Experience (UX) design is a mature discipline whose practitioners iterate continuously to make products comprehensible, efficient—even lovable—by users. Every smartphone, online store, and chatbot we encounter has been meticulously designed for human consumption. But our tools are different: we are engineers building tools for other engineers so we do not really need to consider the user experience. Or…do we? In this talk, a top Google Cloud interaction designer will reveal the unique challenges and rewards of designing experiences for technical practitioners. Through lessons from the time-old practice of tool-making, universal design principles, and case-study lessons learned, attendees will learn how UX teams build great experiences for the humans who make technology.

Sponsored By: Google Cloud