Taking Care of Code ... More and More Code

How many repositories does your organization have?

If your answer starts with “sooo many”, this session is for you.

Tracking, operating, caring for apps and services – at Atomist, our goal is to do this well at increasing scale.

This starts with visibility into what we have and where. It continues with automated upgrades (or offers of help).

This continues with delivery. Our approach differs from the usual CI/CD tools:

  • The “pipeline” (it’s really a tree) is dynamically generated for each push
  • in a modern programming language with tests (it’s TypeScript)
  • with no per-repository setup, configuration files, or scripts.
  • When a computer can fix the problem (like formatting), just fix it.

This falls back to the decisionmakers: humans. When in doubt, ask a person in chat.

Advance your career by taking charge of more and more software. Leverage your programming skills to do this, with libraries and tools to make it faster. Scale up compliance, delivery, and your own awareness.

After this session, you’ll think about delivery a bit differently, and maybe your whole career too.