Learning from today - Shaping tomorrow

DeliveryConf will use a format unlike any other event we’ve seen. We believe this revolutionary new format has a few advantages over the “typical” conference.

  • Presenters will be urged to focus on how, not just what
  • Attendees will be able to learn from each other immediately following each presentation, while the context is fresh.
  • Sharing the conversations will allow us to start industry wide discussions, and perhaps shape products and solutions in the future.


We are selecting speakers from our Call for Proposals as well as invited industry experts. We are giving a high preference to talks which cover how to do something, not just the fact that you should.

Our desire is also to present deeper technical content than you might normally see at a conference.

Discussion block (taking the speaker off the pedestal)

This is where DeliveryConf will be different…

After each and every presentation the audience will be invited to participate in a facilitated discussion about the topic. This is not meant to be a discussion of the talk itself. The speaker may participate if they desire, but this is about you, the attendee.

  • What challenges are you facing in this area?
  • What successes have you had in this area?
  • If you had a magic wand, what would you want to see in 2-5 years?

We’re going to be heavily promoting this to vendors and others. They will be encouraged to listen and take notes about what their potential audiences need. They will not be allowed to shape the discussions.

Sharing the knowledge

After the conference, we will share recordings of talks and the discussions publicly. In this way we hope to be able to continue the discussions.